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An honest account of my work as a professional hair stylist and makeup atist, beauty tips, makeup tutorials and tricks, hair hacks, and reviews.


Hair and Makeup Know-How with Jen!

Jennifer Lo


Do you ever think you wish you could do your own makeup better? Do you see other people’s makeup or a winged eye liner and think how do I that? Think your hair is boring and you cannot ever do different styles?

Well, I may have your solution! Obviously you do need to do some work and practice a bit but if you do wish you had more confidence, tips and knowledge on how to transform and enhance yourself then book yourself onto my hair and makeup know-how lesson. Currently for The Christmas countdown it is £70 instead of £140, a real bargain.

It is a 2-3 hour session with just you and I, where I will go over your makeup kit, show you how to do your own makeup and hair and give you doable styles and makeup looks that work well with your features, your skin and your personality.

I have done many lessons like this in the past for just makeup but am combining the two. If you just want to focus on one that is ok too just let me know.

If you want to book then please order here

You will get emailed a voucher so if you want to buy for someone as a Xmas or Birthday gift then that is printable for your use.

I can also do group workshops for a group of you, perfect for a hen do or just a get together!

Any questions, just email me on

Jen xx

Oh Yeah! Hair Accessories Galore!

Jennifer Lo

Myself and Kerri (Bridal Indulgence owner) recently held a bridal hair accessories day at the Bridal Indulgence Boutique in Crondall, Hampshire showcasing a huge range of the beautiful head pieces by designer Miranda Templeton. Read on to find out how it went…

Some of the beautifully hand crafted pieces.

Some of the beautifully hand crafted pieces.

It can be tricky for brides-to-be to know what kind of hair styles to go for and what hair accessories will suit them. So we thought it would be a good idea to offer free 20 minute sessions for brides (first come, first serve) to have a chat with me about hair, to help them figure out what style suits them, their dress and their personality. I did a really quick demo of styles after a little chat and we tried on a range of accessories to suit.

Doing it this way is useful because then you know that the hair style will suit the accessory. Whereas sometimes you may fall in love with a head piece or accessory and then find you are limited to the hair styles that it can be worn in.

We had an extensive range of head pieces and accessories that are a good size for a bride, as you want it to be noticeable. There are delicate pieces, vintage styles and gorgeous jewel and pearl adorned designs to suit every bride. Each design can also come in silver, gold or rose gold and made to your preference which is AMAZING as we all love to customise things these days.

Below are some of the head bands, which look great on a down style as well as up and the bands can be hidden, but if visible they have thin bands that tie in beautifully.

Kerri from Bridal Indulgence kindly offered 10% off any item bought as well on the day. If you would like to see more of what Kerri has then you can contact her on

A couple of the stunning head bands, I love the big chunky jewels!

A couple of the stunning head bands, I love the big chunky jewels!

In each 20 minute session I was able to give the bride an idea of how their hair would work with the styles they liked, whether or not they might need hair extensions to bulk out the hair or not and see where a veil could go. They could also see my technique and feel confident that I would be able to achieve whatever they want on their big day. From looser styles to more formal classics. What do you think? I did not even use any hot tongs!

If you are interested in coming to one of these days with me, then comment below or drop me an email: and I can let you know when the next one will be.


Jen xx

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Beauty Graveyard | Fragrance Direct Write up

Jennifer Lo

Do you have a mountain of beauty products that you do not, and probably will not ever use..? Here is a great article based on some research from online beauty retailer Fragrance Direct, and they even asked me to give my top 5 fail-safe products that will not end up in the neglected pile.

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Jennifer Lo

Turn an old NHs ambulance into a hair and makeup van and what do you get...a Glambulance!

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