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The Conscientious Bride!

Jennifer Lo

Beautiful Bridal Makeup using only Cruelty Free Products....

A makeup artists kit is full of amazing products, high end luxurious cosmetics and professional products in the mix. A lot of companies are now becoming more conscientious and realising that actually we do not need to test on animals or use animal derived ingredients in makeup to make it work! 

I for sure have found some holy grail cruelty free and vegan brands of makeup. What that means is that no animal has been harmed in the making of the product, ever. Some ingredients will still have been tested on an animal at some point, why would you need to if it is a 'safe' ingredient! Which does say a lot about what we do put on our skin if it needs to be tested on animals first. 

Bride Ria (and her husband) are vegan and have strong ethics and beliefs about animal welfare. It was so interesting to hear Ria's journey to veganism, She wanted to find a hair and makeup artist who used CF products. 


For bridal makeup you want it to look natural with your features beautifully enhanced, but it also needs to last! This is so important to me and with having to work with so many different skin types and tones I need to have a good variety of products.

Eyes: Arbonne eyeshadow, Pixi eyeliner, Individal lashes (synthetic), Arbonne Mascara, Lorac eye primer


Skin: Cover FX primer, skindinavia setting spray, Arbonne perfecitng liquid foundation, mineral powder, highlighter, inika bronzing illumintator, Arbonne lipstick

Other CF brands in my kit include: NARS, Charlotte tilbury, OCC, Inika, Yaby, 


Another recent bride Cassie is also a huge animal lover and works with animals, big cats to be exact (lion's, tigers!). She also found me because she wanted someone to use CF products on her for her big day.

Mature skin makeup

Jennifer Lo

Youthful skin is plump, fresh, glowing and hydrated. As we age skin loses it's elasticity and it;s ability to retain moisture, which is what keeps it plump.

Most mature skin tends to be on the drier side, you may still have oily skin which is great as it will remain younger looking and you will be prone to less wrinkles. This does NOT mean you should lather yourself with oily products, as this will just sit on the surface and not look good with or without makeup.

Less is more!

This phrase is most key for mature skin and teenage skin. 

What you want to achieve is a enhanced but bright eyed makeup look, filled in and shaped brows that are natural but lift and open your eyes and face. Skin and complexion should look glowing and fresh using a hydrating foundation, cc cream or tinted moisturiser. With a lovely highlight and blush.

If you put too much foundation and powder on this can actually emphasise fine lines and wrinkles so avoid putting on too much. Make sure you buff the products in well and use a good anti aging, smoothing primer. You can get some fabulous ones that are packed full of antioxidants and plumping ingredients.

Here are two of my favourites that will mositurise mature skin and give it that beautiful illuminating glow as well as smoothing lines and pores. Check out my blog on primers.


This is packed full of anti aging ingredients, has smoothing technology, feels like velvet and is a decent size!

This is packed full of anti aging ingredients, has smoothing technology, feels like velvet and is a decent size!

Vegan and cruelty free, again has illuminating ingredient and will hydrate skin boosting it with a brighter appearance which mature skin  can have.

Vegan and cruelty free, again has illuminating ingredient and will hydrate skin boosting it with a brighter appearance which mature skin  can have.

Here I evened out the skin tone to cover any hypo-pigmentation (dark spots) enhanced eyes using some lashes in the outer corners to open up the eyesalong with eyeshadows and liner, I lightly enhanced the brows to frame the face. Cheeks are a peachy bronze with a light shimmer to it.

Here I evened out the skin tone to cover any hypo-pigmentation (dark spots) enhanced eyes using some lashes in the outer corners to open up the eyesalong with eyeshadows and liner, I lightly enhanced the brows to frame the face. Cheeks are a peachy bronze with a light shimmer to it.

Even out skin tone, using a primer first and light cc cream, a peachy/ pink toned blush and again enhanced eyes and defined brows. On this client I used Arbonne primer and CC cream in light and medium. Blush in a blossom colour.

Even out skin tone, using a primer first and light cc cream, a peachy/ pink toned blush and again enhanced eyes and defined brows. On this client I used Arbonne primer and CC cream in light and medium. Blush in a blossom colour.


Jennifer Lo

Fraser Hart is a gorgeous high street jewellery store that have been around since 1936! They have a stunning range of jewellery showcasing beautiful diamonds and precious jewels, inlaid in quality metals. They have a great range of watches, bridal collections, all types of jewellery from earrings to bracelets and rings. At the moment they actually have a mid season sale too, which you can see on the Fraser Hart website.

I had a great day doing the hair and makeup for model Charlotte who was used in the campaign. The breif was chic, elegant and classy but not too glam or red carpet contrived. They wanted to appeal to a sophisticated but young trendy market too.

I used Arbonne liquid perfecting foundation and primer for the base, to create an even flawless coverage that looks stunning on camera due to the light reflecting particles that give a skin finish. My new favourite concealer was used to cover any discolourations, it looks amazing and extremely small amounts required for great cover. The base was set with mineral powder as under the lights it can get quite hot, we also want it to last. Eyes I used a natural palette of colours and black gel eyeliner and mascara. I filled in Charlottes eyebrows naturally with a grey based shadow. For Charlotte's lips I used a mixture of a lip colour called Willow and Magnolia for a natural, nude colour. To create a beautifully tousled look to her hair I used a babyliss pro wand to create a soft wave and backcombed at the roots to create more volume and lift, as sometimes very long hair can be quite heavy and pull at the roots.

Have a peek at some of the images below and you can also seem them in the Fraser Hart stores.


Remove your SLAP before you NAP! Here's why...

Jennifer Lo

You may be one of those wonderful people who religiously cleanses your skin before you sleep each night, or you may be like myself and occasionally (or frequently tsk tsk) uses the excuse of too tired, too much Prosecco, or no wipes to hand! We all know that we should take off our makeup before we sleep but not doing so on the regular is truly damaging. Here are some of the worrying things that could happen...


Makeup as we know can block the skin, and leaving it on for longer than needed can really suffocate it. Over time skin starts to lose it's elasticity and ability to repair properly so help it out a bit by gently removing makeup and the daily grim so that it can really regenerate itself overnight. Otherwise you will really leave it dull and speed up the appearance of wrinkles.


No, I don't mean blocked sinuses, but blocked and clogged skin. Your skin is full of teeny tiny holes in very thin dermal layers, these can get clogged up with makeup, oil, dead skin, dirt and grime from the day. You really should double wash at night, once to remove dirt and makeup and the second to cleanse and treat the skin itself. Not sure about you but one cleanse definitely does not remove all my makeup. You do not want to put on that gorgeous serum or night cream mixed in with some left over scum that you have missed on your face.


Most of us have a red tone to our skin, some people are affected by rosaccea too so, leaving makeup on overnight (as well as the rest of the daily grime from pollution and dust) can end up irritating the skin. You may not notice it visibly overnight but it will build up and become trickier to unclog those pores which in turn can lead to spots. White heads, black heads, larger cysts and bumps. If you are concerned about enlarged pores too, it is said that dirt, oil, grime in pores not only clogs them up but can in fact stretch them over time. So get cleansing!


What is Milia? These are little white spots under the skin's surface and sometimes called milk spots. Thisis caused by dead skin cells, and sometimes excess product and makeup getting trapped in your pores. They are very hard to get rid of naturally as you need to be consistent so you may eventually need professional removal methods, so it would be pretty devastating to get Milia from such a simple task as cleaning your face properly morning and night.

So hopefully these reasons will be enough of a wake up call to ensure that you get into a great habit of cleansing your skin at night, even if you do not wear much or any makeup, it is SO important to take away any nasties and dead skin that might accumulate over the day. Lastly, you don't want any of that grime to be transferred onto your clean pillows right?

What should I use?
If you wear a lot of makeup I recommend:
A alcohol free makeup remover (not wipes) on eyes and face, followed by a gentle cleansing face wash, second wash with the same or an anti-aging one, tone, serum and moisturise main areas (forehead, cheeks) a tiny amount as your preference.
If you wear minimal makeup:
Gentle eye makeup remover or Miellar water, followed by gentle cleanser, still double wash. You can use less product just wash twice still. Follow with your normal tone, serum, moisturising routine as you desire,

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions, Jen xx




Jennifer Lo

Hand on heart ladies (and gents if you are reading this), how much do you LOVE yourself?

How many demons are you still holding on to from the past? Are there any areas of your life you just wish could be this or that or the other..

Do you talk about how the years are flying by with your friends and then a month has gone and then a year, and you have not quite achieved what you thought you would. If that rings a bell with you because that is just life then I think you should come and see what the EMPOWER:ME:MAKEUP night is all about.


You could be the opposite and never even thought about it - quite content with your every day life scrolling by. What if I dare to say that perhaps you have never allowed yourself to dream or think about what else there is for you to change or improve because deep down you feel that there would be no point as what could possibly change for you. I am content and ok as I am. Work is work, life is life, we work to live and so on. 

Well, perhaps you should join us too and see what EMPOWER:ME:MAKEUP is about too. You may surprise yourself and if not then at least you can leave with some good makeup tips and a shot of confidence.

The aim: to make you leave feeling AWESOME!

What is it?

I'm not going to give too much away but it's a night that will help you to open your mind, experience the feeling of awesomeness, start eliminating negativity and see how makeup can actually empower you too! 

Reserve your space by clicking here....I'm



The Future Of Makeup!!!

Jennifer Lo

What makeup will we be wearing in the future...

When you think about future makeup or space age makeup, images like you see below crop up. Beautifully creative makeup, that is totally OUT THERE! 

This year for Future Fest 2016 (an innovative event all about the future!!) we were asked to bring along 8 x MUA's to provide the general public with an experience on makeup of the future. This made me have to think carefully about what the makeup of the future will REALLY be like? To be honest, I do not see myself as someone as forward thinking. Don't get me wrong I set goals and think about my future and the future of my family, but what we are talking about here is WAAAAAY into the future. Hundreds and thousands of years even.

Preparations for Future Fest 2016

Preparations for Future Fest 2016

So, with the guidance of Dr Morgaine Gaye, Food Futurologist and one of the curators of Future Fest, we discussed what it would be like. I found out about the rise of veganism, superhumans, cyber relationships and future love, robots, nano tech, artificial intelligence and lots more. I would not be able to have an in depth conversation about these subjects but my interest has definitely been piqued!

C'mon then, what WILL the makeup of the future be like then, do I hear you ask?

Well, sadly I think the makeup products and trends of today will all be eradicated, extinct, kapoot! SHOCK HORROR! How can you say that Jen? You're a Makeup Artist! I know, I would be out of a job!

Although we did get a mixed reaction from Future Fest attendees, some thought it was a positive to get rid of cosmetics and the current makeup trends! What do YOU think?

The main reasons why we will not be using and relying on products like mascara, foundations, concealer on a day to day basis are for several reasons:

  1. Optimum health and nutrition- less skin problems to try and cover up as we will all be glowing and looking and feeling at our most optimum. Don't forget advancements in supplements and facial skin care technology.
  2. Improved well being, we will all be discussing our feelings a lot more, there will be less society pressures and fashion trends. Self love and confidence will be on the rise therefore we will be so happy with our own looks and features that we won't be trying to use makeup to tweak our faces to what 'they' say is aesthetically pleasing or trendy.
  3. Cyber interaction: virtual relationships and communication will all be done without actual bodily presence by the sounds of things. So who will need to have makeup applied when you aren't even facing anyone!

Sounds unbelievable right? What will happen to the huge conglomerates of the beauty industry? Well, they will adapt to what the public want. 

But don't fear....

I think we will still be wearing some kind of makeup for self expression. There will still be MUAs around, and they will be just that- artists. Not solely skilled in enhancing someone's features accordingly to what someone says is aesthetically pleasing. Symmetrical features, almond eyes, cheek bones, full lips! NO MORE!!! 

Makeup Artists will no longer hear people say I hate my thin lips or small eyes, hide that spot please!?

Instead, perhaps there will be makeup that you can apply that is connected to your brainwaves and emotions and change colour to suit your mood, or to mask your mood to give off a different vibe to your viewers. (This makeup would probably be banned in a poker game though!)

Anyhow this is what our concept for Future Fest was based around, a mood stripe! It wasn't actually able to change to reflect or be controlled by your emotions and feelings (yet) but people had to choose which feeling they felt the most and then we painted them with a colour. As the day continued people would spot their colours on other people and knew already how they were feeling! It was a great conversation starter, plus they could not choose the colour they wanted but had to pick using emotion. Some people really struggled with this and wanted to match their outfits or pick what colour they thought suited them! Enough said.

Perhaps makeup in the future will be just a masque to preserve our delicate luminous healthy skin beneath. 


I do believe that people will wear makeup but in a more artistic way, true self expression will be prevalent. No one will worry or care what others think and anything will go. Everything will be socially acceptable no matter who you are, where you are, what you wear, what you do.

This may seem farfetched but maybe it will get you thinking a bit more about the future and where things are going. Where do you fall in this category? Also maybe think about the reasons why YOU wear makeup?

I would love to hear your comments on this please, anything goes but remember this is conceptual and fun.


British Heart Foundation

Jennifer Lo

I love working with Killer Creative, they are a fab creative agency based in Brighton. I have worked with them for several years now. In particular on some charity campaigns including Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation. 

Earlier on this year we did a shoot on the wonderful volunteers for BHF who do a marvellous job for the charity. SO a really worthy campaign. 

On a hair and makeup point of view this job is about making sure the models are 'camera ready' and to give them some confidence in front of the camera as they are essentially volunteers and 'normal' people not models.

I love doing jobs like this as everyone I worked on in particular the females loved the entire experience. It is amazing what a bit of natural looking makeup can do to a person's confidence, posture, was brilliant to see on camera.

In terms of makeup products for these kinds of shoots:

Cleanse and moisturise skin to prep beforehand

Always analyse and check on the skin type of  the client including allergies and sensitivities

On the females, I applied naturally enhancing eye makeup and asked each person what they liked for their own makeup as wanted to keep them looking similar to what they are used to.

Apply primer to create a flawless base and CC cream for an initial layer of coverage. This was enough for some of the models as we were going for quite a natural look. The Arbonne CC cream is a dream to work with and is like magic!! It's fresh, dewy but with high coverage, as good as a medium/lightwieght foundation.

I used mineral powder, translucent powder and liquid foundation where needed depending on the person.

It was amazing how well the makeup lasts under the bright lights for such a long time. Only some light powder needed to be applied occasionally on T-zones.

Here are some before and afters of some of the volunteers on this shoot. 

The 'Glitter Wedding' 2015

Jennifer Lo

We had the pleasure of being at a gorgeous little farm in Sussex this Summer for Andy and Jo's wedding. This couple planned a fabulous festival style barn wedding with lots of country side, fresh air, outdoor living and intimacy because everyone chipped in and joined in with the fun and amazing planned activities.

Bride Jo in her outfit change from Vintage Glam to Glitter Chic!

Bride Jo in her outfit change from Vintage Glam to Glitter Chic!

There was a Fro Yo van, a wood fired pizza Citroen H van and the LoLo & Co. 'Glambulance' to serve the bridal party. 

We were parked up on the farm from the morning and available for guests and the bridal party to get ready in, pre-ceremony. A lot of guests stayed overnight in the camping field which meant they could then wash their hair and blow dry it using our styling tools and products along with two mirrored stations within an enclosed space large enough to stand up in and with the privacy of TINTED WINDOWS!!!

I actually had a wedding in Winchester that morning so left the LoLo van there for guests to use and arrived back at 3pm to begin the Glittermasque fun. Glittermasque is a bespoke glitter design for the face available for everyone. We are trained to use techniques that create the best sparkling effects using an array of Glitter including now BIO-DEGRADABLE glitter as well. Each design is unique to that client and the artist (in this case ME) feels and gauges what that person would like and suit them. We had a little queue forming outside of the van as people were coming in to get 'glitter-faced'. It was so much fun and the van was the perfect facility to have for this wedding event.

Later on at the glitter party in the barn the Glittermasques around the room were amazing to see. Thank you for the Photos by Ian Greenwood of Greenland Photography who really captured the magical and fun-filled essence of the day too. 

Congratulations Andy + Jo!

If you are interested in hiring out the LoLo & Co. Glambulance for your special event then get in contact or email

We can provide a bespoke makeup service just for you or hire the van on its own.

Jo and Andy Glitter wedding-732.jpg

The LoLo Van went to Glastonbury!

Jennifer Lo

Sorry this blog is months late but I have finally managed the time to finish writing up about our first time EVER at Glastonbury this year, and it is BIG, I mean BIG! It was 4 days of working and crazy loving fun, it is on a different level.   Lolo & Co. were teamed up with the fabulous Boo-Dior based in Silver Hayes offering fashion-attire in the form of Fuud hoods, Pom Pom visors, snoods, capes, sexy leggings from Puckoo couture....and Glittermasque designs for the face! In the LoLo & Co. van and area we were offering hair washing and styling, makeup, eyelashes, adornments and facials.

The fashion and styling this year was a mixture of boho-glam along with sexy funky style.

The fashion and styling this year was a mixture of boho-glam along with sexy funky style.

On the Friday, Saturday and Sunday we were booked out with hair washing and styling that surpassed my expectations, we had some full blow drys, full makeup, mini facials were happening and the 'regulars' in the form of a bunch of Liverpudlian ladies wanting to use the blow dryers and vanity station every morning. Team this up with a great DJ in a cool tent and everyone is having a great time.

So from this experience I can tell you if you're a fashion loving glamorous festival goer, don't fear LoLo & Co. will be back with even more hair and makeup facilities for you next year. We are beginning our planning stages already.

Lack of wash facilities means you need a good cleanser that is moisturising and toning in one, with ingredients that can penetrate your skin to the max as well as have sun protection. This is where I was so pleased to be able to have the Arbonne range with me and available for clients. In particular one guy came in sunburnt red and heating up. We gave him a cleanse with the soothing Calm wash and then used the RE9 spray toner full of Vitamin C and marine extracts, then gave his face a large dollop or RE9 day cream. After 5 minutes he looked at his reflection... et voila, he noticed he was less red in the face already.

DJ Rhys getting his hair wash and styled in the LoLo & Co. area within the Boo-Dior tent.

DJ Rhys getting his hair wash and styled in the LoLo & Co. area within the Boo-Dior tent.

We had artists coming in right before going on stage to get eye lashes put on, Helen Lewis (Glittermasque) was able to use the LoLo & Co. Van to prepare actor and entertainer Amy before going on stage in Shangri-La. Loved up couples were coming in to get feather eyelashes put on... Kath who worked with us this year was amazing and was professional but also bags of fun. My cousin Lucy and her boyfriend Mark werealso there this year where we all got to watch DJ EZ's set in the sound platform, the atmosphere was immense. It was the perfect festival setup and I cannot wait until 2016.

DJ EZ our view from the Tech booth! 

If you were lucky and managed to get 2016 Glastonbury tickets then make sure you come and pop your head into the Boo Dior Tent and LoLo & Co.! I will give you a BIG HUG!

Comment on your thoughts of Glasto 2015 or if you're going to be there for 2016!!!

Golf Juice Pilot

Jennifer Lo

The Lolo & Co. Van went to Top Golf in Watford for a 2-day pilot for a new Golf programme. 

It was great to see the Lolo van being used on a location off site where hair and makeup was required for the 3 presenters and any guests that would be appearing on the show. We had the pleasure of working on Jimmy Bullard, DJ/Presenter Spoony and Zoe Hardman who are all Golfing mad. Not only did we have all our hair and makeup contained in one specially designed unit away from the filming and fan zones but the presenters were able to have a little hideaway to relax in and use as a green room.

Ollie Phillips and Zoe Hardman frollicking in the Lolo & Co. Van

Ollie Phillips and Zoe Hardman frollicking in the Lolo & Co. Van

Myself and the lovely Nadine were on hand mattifying the presenters and guests under the strong lighting as well as checking hair was camera ready also.

Behind scenes, quick powder of Ollie Phillips

Behind scenes, quick powder of Ollie Phillips

Myself and the lovely Nadine were on hand mattifying the presenters and guests under the strong lighting as well as checking hair was camera ready also.

Myself and the lovely Nadine were on hand mattifying the presenters and guests under the strong lighting as well as checking hair was camera ready also.


Jennifer Lo

Working alongside Glittermasque and the Boudior Tent run by expertly talented Makeup Artist Helen Lewis, the Lolo & Co. van will be working its very first festival in Bristol on the 23rd and 24th May 2015.

We will be providing hair and makeup, male grooming, cleansing and toning ... all round beautifying or glamorising to backstage artists. It will be fun, fast and super exciting!

If you are attending Love Saves The Day please come to the Boudior tent where there will be Glittermasque, DJ's, FUUD London and Locked INN supper club and Lolo & Co.



SKisM & LAXX Music Video

Jennifer Lo

On the 22nd March I did a half marathon which I found really tough, my legs were absolutely killing me but I set my alarm and got up at 5am to make my way to London as I had the pleasure of working on a music video for a Dubstep group SKisM & LAXX. The brief was to create a Mayan warrior Aztec themed scenario.

The story line involved an Aztec King, his Mayan warriors and 3 Mayan female slaves who have to try and impress and seduce the King.

There was a lot of body painting and warrior face painting, as well as making the king look fierce with fake bone studs, and the women needed to look strong and feminine. 

Here was the mood board I put together to give me inspiration

Here was the mood board I put together to give me inspiration

We shot on a green screen so that it could all be put together in post production by Family Creative the production company. The models used were carefully chosen so that some had martial arts and experience with choreographing action scenes.

Styling and costume was by Faye Herran who had the privilege in using Fuud Hoods from Fuud London which uses a lot of fur and amazing feather headdresses. They also used an amazing collection of original Aztec jewellery pieces from a Portobello Road market stall. The pros, styling and costume and hair and makeup really came together to make a really dramatically stylised and slightly tongue in cheek (with the fake blood) music video. 

Some behind the scenes pics.

Some behind the scenes pics.


Overall I had a fun and creative day doing the hair and makeup for this shoot. I used a mixture of Arbonne foundations for a natural skin finish, body paints, individual lashes on the women, I used putty to create the bone studs, and pinned together the females feather headdresses, back combed a lot of hair and used over a hundred grips to ensure they all stayed in place throughout all the action scenes. 



Seeing the Lolo van in action on a Farm...Moooo!

Jennifer Lo

Brrrrrrr it was a freezing cold December day on this shoot! 

We used the Lolo Van on a farm for a photoshoot for Butta Ltd apparel, I had the pleasure of meeting actress Ciara Jansen (who has a 3 month old baby boy and looks fabulous for it!) and her sister Talia Jansen (who has amazing eyes and eye lashes!) as well as the lovely Tash (so friendly and bubbly). And Photographer David ( with his amazing Moustache art shot some amazing photos.

Sisters Ciara and Talia Jansen in the Lolo & Co Van getting hair and makeup done

Sisters Ciara and Talia Jansen in the Lolo & Co Van getting hair and makeup done

What was a revelation to me on this shoot was actually being able to use the salon and see it working in real life on a true location photoshoot. The generator meant we could get power anywhere. It was a freezing cold day and what we could have even done is driven the van further into the farm so we could access it easier for warmth and tea! 

Up to London and NYE

Jennifer Lo

After a good 6 weeks converting the Lolo & Co. Van into a workable and totally transportable salon space by the Butta boys and their pals, we had a deadline of the 12th of December where we had a booking in Aldgate, London to do hair and makeup for a group of ladies before their Christmas Party. Apart from a minor mishap with me bumping the top bumper...doh! (Check the height Jen!) it went like a dream.

Jim from Butta came with us to check everything on the 'van' side would go smoothly, which it did. Myself and Becki did hair and makeup fl=following a tight schedule of 30 minutes per person. We had Helen (Glittermasque) assisting us with timings and ensuring things ran smoothly as well as pouring out the Prosecco plus I think she was happy to have a little nosy and see how the van would work.

We are so chuffed with that first event. Everything that I had envisioned the space to be able to do, it did! The reaction from the clients was amazing as well.

We took it out on NYE as well and had a blast in it. Its such a cozy but deceptively large space. Now to concentrate on the diary/calendar for 2015/2016.

With huge thanks to Butta Ltd, Darren Moore the Mechanic, Ross Stafford the spark, Mr Rustic the chippy!

Helen and Jim in the Lolo hair and makeup Van