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Yes GLUTEN may be in your skin care and makeup products!

Jennifer Lo

So I knew for a while that Gluten can be present in skin care and beauty products mainly from using Arbonne products I know that the company ticks all the boxes for Gluten-free, vegans, sustainable, non-toxic, paraben free, fragrance-free, alcohol free and the list goes on.

I did not realise how damaging this can actually be until recently when I had the pleasure of doing the makeup on a lovely lady who mentioned that she recently got diagnosed with Coeliac disease which again, I am slightly ignorant about but know that Gluten is a culprit and a big fat no no in a coeliac’s diet. When I asked if she had any allergies I needed to know about before applying any products to her face, the reply was yes, but I do not know what. So I was extra vigilant and made sure that if she experienced any discomfort in any shape or form to let me know asap so I can remove. I felt pretty confident as I deliberately try to use products that contain no nasties as we all know.

My next question was if she had any special requests at all with her makeup and what is her skin like. the lovely client answered her preferences but one of the main concerns was covering her skin which she was not in love with and she revealed that it was really getting her down. Since cutting out gluten in her diet she had major breakouts on her face and back. Now, I can relate to people who suffer with skin conditions as I too have had to deal with sever acne and spot prone skin so I reassured her that I would cover it all up.

Here is a pic of her after her makeup has been done. What do you think?


Whilst doing her makeup it dawned on me that perhaps it was gluten in some of the products she was using that was now aggravating her skin, there is no evidence but I said maybe she could try and look at the ingredients. They say the particles of gluten are too big to be absorbed however, our skin is our largest organ with the most surface area, it may make a difference!

So I have done some research and what you should be looking out for are:

  • Wheat (Triticum vulgare)

  • Barley (Hordeum vulgare)

  • Rye (Secale cereal)

  • Oat (Avena sativa)

Read here for more info and also here is a great blog on the other ingredients that could be present in a lot of beauty products too. I found this really helpful ( thank you

And here is a list of some brands that are gluten free that I particularly love:

Arbonne (one of my faves for skin are and makeup) Check out their products here in my shop

Tarte Cosmetics (they do skin care too)

Too faced cosmetics

E.LF (available from Boots UK now)

Lily Lolo

Hourglass cosmetics and skin care are mostly GF and you can click here for all their GF products. The No. 28 primer serum is GF! Hoorah!

Here is a link to a great online shop where you can simply browse all the organic and GF products they have on offer.

So I hope you GF peeps (or even if you are not Coeliac but just think it may help) finds this useful…

Have a great day!

Jen xx