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LoLo and Co. Blog

An honest account of my work as a professional hair stylist and makeup atist, beauty tips, makeup tutorials and tricks, hair hacks, and reviews.



Jennifer Lo

Hand on heart ladies (and gents if you are reading this), how much do you LOVE yourself?

How many demons are you still holding on to from the past? Are there any areas of your life you just wish could be this or that or the other..

Do you talk about how the years are flying by with your friends and then a month has gone and then a year, and you have not quite achieved what you thought you would. If that rings a bell with you because that is just life then I think you should come and see what the EMPOWER:ME:MAKEUP night is all about.


You could be the opposite and never even thought about it - quite content with your every day life scrolling by. What if I dare to say that perhaps you have never allowed yourself to dream or think about what else there is for you to change or improve because deep down you feel that there would be no point as what could possibly change for you. I am content and ok as I am. Work is work, life is life, we work to live and so on. 

Well, perhaps you should join us too and see what EMPOWER:ME:MAKEUP is about too. You may surprise yourself and if not then at least you can leave with some good makeup tips and a shot of confidence.

The aim: to make you leave feeling AWESOME!

What is it?

I'm not going to give too much away but it's a night that will help you to open your mind, experience the feeling of awesomeness, start eliminating negativity and see how makeup can actually empower you too! 

Reserve your space by clicking here....I'm