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SKisM & LAXX Music Video

Jennifer Lo

On the 22nd March I did a half marathon which I found really tough, my legs were absolutely killing me but I set my alarm and got up at 5am to make my way to London as I had the pleasure of working on a music video for a Dubstep group SKisM & LAXX. The brief was to create a Mayan warrior Aztec themed scenario.

The story line involved an Aztec King, his Mayan warriors and 3 Mayan female slaves who have to try and impress and seduce the King.

There was a lot of body painting and warrior face painting, as well as making the king look fierce with fake bone studs, and the women needed to look strong and feminine. 

Here was the mood board I put together to give me inspiration

Here was the mood board I put together to give me inspiration

We shot on a green screen so that it could all be put together in post production by Family Creative the production company. The models used were carefully chosen so that some had martial arts and experience with choreographing action scenes.

Styling and costume was by Faye Herran who had the privilege in using Fuud Hoods from Fuud London which uses a lot of fur and amazing feather headdresses. They also used an amazing collection of original Aztec jewellery pieces from a Portobello Road market stall. The pros, styling and costume and hair and makeup really came together to make a really dramatically stylised and slightly tongue in cheek (with the fake blood) music video. 

Some behind the scenes pics.

Some behind the scenes pics.


Overall I had a fun and creative day doing the hair and makeup for this shoot. I used a mixture of Arbonne foundations for a natural skin finish, body paints, individual lashes on the women, I used putty to create the bone studs, and pinned together the females feather headdresses, back combed a lot of hair and used over a hundred grips to ensure they all stayed in place throughout all the action scenes.