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5 Ways to style a Lob!

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5 Ways to style a Lob!

Jennifer Lo

I love my Lob! (Long-bob) I have nearly always had long below shoulder length hair and more recently I did go shorter and have fallen in love with the infamous Lob.

I find it so much more versatile and easier to style than my longer hair so read on to see my 5 easy ways to style a long bob.

1. Tousled

For me this is simply a rough blow dry by hand, sometimes with my head tipped upside down or using a medium sized round brush to create some shape and bounce to the hair and then twist and tie in  a top knot to cool. Let it down after 10 minutes and lightly back comb. My hair can be quite flat and to create texture and volume I have been spritzing with Davines Sea Salt, smells amazing as well as no harmful ingredients.

2. Bouncy Big

Again on roughly blow dried hair use the big barrel tongs or if hair is damp, apply mousse or volumising spray then blow dry and put in a velcro roller. If you do not have rollers you can simply roll up with fingers and secure with a grip. Until all hair is curled. The trick here is to get at least an inch sections and also back comb the roots when you take the roller out. Start with the top and crown of head for extra lift. This is great with a side parting. Another tip is to spray lightly with hair spray when in rollers! You can run your fingers through or brush out for lightly different effects!

3. Top Knot

Sometimes a lob isn't quite long enough to put ALL up so you get big sections of hair that escape at the back, so it can be a bit annoying but with that you just use kirby grips to secure the back. OR you can have a half top knot, if my underneath hair is looking ok then I will do this. Take the front section of hair, you can decide how much to take. Sometimes I takt from just behind my ears or just the top part and take it up into an elastic. I then pull out some of the front to make it less flat to my head. Back comb the pony tail and I literally tie it in a knot! Then secure with a couple of kirby grips. Simple.

4. Loose waves

This is one of my fave looks, it can be done on day old hair, or roughly dried fresh hair. Just make sure it is dry. I tend to always use some salt spray and heat protector first, then use a tangle teezer or denman brush to brush any knots out. This makes it easier to get sections of hair. I use a babyliss pro 1" curling wand. I take quite small sections and wind it around going away from my face. Tips: Dont wrap it round the wand too near the roots or too tightly as this will give you a more spirally effect. You want to have hair going around the wand a couple of times only. Ends can be left straight for a more edgier look. Use fingers to brush out and seperate if need be.

5. Straight!

Lastly blow drying my hair straight and getting it poker flat at the ends (if you want) gives a completely different look altogether. So easy to do too. I never used to change my parting but recently I have been and I really like the centre parting sleek look on this (excuse my fly away hairs, I did not spray it properly for this). I use cloud 9 straighteners and a parlux hair dryer. 


I hope you get inspired to try a Lob and the different looks it can offer you, at the end of the day it's hair and can grow back. Don't be afraid to experiment, if it doesn't work out then use the trusted hat look! Enjoy!

Jen xx