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Why I buy Cruelty Free Products..

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Why I buy Cruelty Free Products..

Jennifer Lo


Are YOU an animal lover?

Read on to find out why I try to use products that are 100% cruelty free.

So, I love my 2 dogs Snoopy and Betty. I'd never dream of mistreating them and if I ever saw someone harming an animal I would feel outraged, upset and try and get them to stop. I'm pretty sure you would too, right?

Here are some reasons why I think you should consider using Cruelty Free products too...

1. New technology means there is no need for animal testing any more.

2. If a product uses non toxic ingredients there should be no need for animal testing.

3. What still happens in some labs is unacceptable and torturous to animals, they lose any of the basic rights that any animal should have. I'm sure you would call the RSPCA to rescue a pet who you knew was malnourished or being mistreated, well animal testing is way worse and by buying and using animal tested products then you are supporting it.

4. There is such a wide range of affordable and premium cruelty free products available these days. People just need to educate themselves a bit more. Check out what brands are CF using the Cruelty Free Kitty website (who lists products that do not test on animals, or use ingredients that have ever been tested on animals, or hire 3rd party testers either) or alternatively use the PETA website, you can even get an app so you can check whilst out shopping.

5. Until these large companies stop getting the big bucks they will never change or learn. 

Read my blog on some of my favourite CF brands that work just as good if not better than some other brands, and I will also be continuously reviewing products.

Jen xx