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Get ready, style...go!

Jennifer Lo

Do you feel like when you curl your hair, they curls just don't stay in? Or is your hair too soft and flyaway for an updo? Lacking volume and body?

There are several things you can do to prep your hair ready for styling. This is pretty important for brides-to-be before going for your hair trial and on your big day too. You want to be able to give your hair the best chances to take whatever styling methods are going to be used on it, or in other words, behave! If you don't do some of these things you may find your style won't take... 

1. Wash hair night before.

Some of you may have heard this before. The reason why this can be a good thing to do is to ensure that your hair is not squeaky clean and soft that it won't grip to products or respond to heated tools. Just wash and blow dry with a brush or or rough dry with head upside down and bung it in a scrunchie! However if you are a person who has gotten used to washing their hair everyday or definitely wants to on the morning of their special event then please do, just ensure that it is blow dried as dry as can be, with no straightening or products in. 

2. Quit with the straighteners.


Straightening your hair should really be an occasional thing, if you do this process daily it can really damage your hair. So much so that your hair can begin to lose it's structure, get stripped of moisture and feel dry. Then you lather it with masques and conditioners to help it to feel silky smooth again. Which really isn't helping it at all. Especially if you want more volume, and/or a curled/wavy hair style. So, if you are thinking of a voluminous style with any kind of curl or wave to it you really should cut out using the straighteners for a good month, or cut down to just special occasions. As little as you can would be best.

3. Don't over condition.

Is this even a thing? Yes it is! You may be thinking OMG she wants me to look like a frizz ball, that is not what I am saying. If you have curly, frizzy hair then yes use your serum, oils, deep conditioning to tame it. But if you have pretty normal to straight hair, try not to over condition, as several things can happen here. A protein build up covering each shaft of hair can be caused from over use of products and this will stop your hair from taking on any styling product or heat. Silicone in some conditioners will do the same, so avoid that ingredient please. Even daily conditioner really needs to be a lightweight one. 

4. Hair Masque only occasionally.

A hair masque is great and something you can do at home, however (as mentioned in the point above) don't over do it. Once a week or fortnightly is enough. If your hair is dry and brittle from colour treatments or over heated styling tools maybe increase it. Avoid a deep salon strength hair mask or treatment in the last month before your big event. This totally coats the hair and makes it unable to style well. If you are having a down style but want a wave or curl to it, this STILL applies. Your stylist will apply a shine product to your hair after. Read here on my fave hair masques and what to get for your type of hair.

Please follow some of these tips before coming to a hair session with myself, and give it some time to adjust and get used to your natural hair if you do straighten and deep condition a lot. 

If you have any queries do comment below and I will try to answer as best as I can.

Jen xx